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Successful Hire from Ukraine

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Successful Hire from Ukraine

Mt. Clemens Career Center
Submitted by Evylon Hubbard


In 2022, Volodymyr moved from Ukraine to the United States. He had to start over in a new place and learn how to navigate life and resources, which was a bit overwhelming. “In October 2022, I relocated from New York to Michigan in search of work. I landed on an opportunity with Electra Cable & Communication, Inc. as an Electronic Technician. This job aligns with my educational background which is engineering. Although I have basic knowledge of what was required, completing the on-the-job (OJT) training pro- gram with Electra Cable was very much needed. This opportunity will help me learn skills and specific requirements of the job.”

Michigan Works! provided funding assistance for the training with an Industry Infinity grant to support Volodymyr’s

320 hours of OJT. Following training completion, he was retained by the company with a wage of $19 per hour.

From the employer perspective, “Through my partnership with Michigan Works! I was able to advertise my job opportunity with no cost to me. I also received several job leads from potential applicants. Onboarding new employees

can be costly. Working with Michigan Works! has helped me to off- set these costs and training Volodymyr in the manufacturing standards and requirements in the U.S.”

Volodymyr added, “The experience of working with Mrs. Evylon Hub- bard (Michigan Works! Business Account Manager) is very pleasant. You helped me apply for a job at ECCI. The communication was top notch even though I was very far away. Mrs. Evylon is a professional. I thank her for that and also for helping my brother get a job.”