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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) Consultation Services

DEIA Consultation Services

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Aug 23, 2023


Aug 03, 2023

A. Purpose
This Request for Proposal (RFP) is to contract for the provision of DEIAconsulting services for Macomb/St. Clair Michigan Works!. This RFP is
released by the Macomb/St. Clair Workforce Development Board (WDB). It is the intention of the Macomb/St. Clair WDB to award a contract for approximately 12 months. It is estimated that total costs for the length of the contract will be $10,000. Depending on need, two, one-year extension options may be exercised by the WDB. Price for any extensions will be separately negotiated.

B. Who May Respond
Any organization or individual with demonstrated expertise in DEIA consulting and legally authorized to conduct business in the State of Michigan.

C. Bidder’s Conference/ Technical Assistance
No bidder’s conference will be held. For technical assistance/questions please email questions to Christina Seibert at christina.seibert@msc-mw.org

D. Instructions on Proposal Submission
1. Closing Submission Date
Proposals must be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m. on August 25, 2023 Conditions of Proposal- All costs incurred in the preparation of a proposal responding to this RFP will be the responsibility of the Offeror and will not be reimbursed by the Macomb/St. Clair Workforce WDB. This RFP does not commit the Macomb/St. Clair WDB to award a contract, to pay any cost incurred in the preparation of a proposal or to enter into negotiations. The Macomb/St. Clair WDB has the right to reject or accept any or all proposals or part of any or all proposals, to cancel this RFP in whole or in part and has the right to require additional information from one or more bidders, to negotiate with one or more bidders, and/or to accept any proposal or proposals without negotiations. The Macomb/St. Clair WDB has the right, at its sole discretion, to waive minor discrepancies in proposals and minor deviations from RFP requirements. The successful bidder(s), if any, shall be selected based on the Macomb/St. Clair WDB sole discretion in its determination of best value in terms of services provided, qualifications, and cost.

The need for additional related services may become apparent during the period covered by this RFP. In that event, the Macomb/St. Clair WDB reserves the right to review and award the contract for those services based on this RFP process provided the proposals submitted encompass the type of services needed. In its discretion, the Macomb/St. Clair WDB may also determine that another RFP should be issued regarding the additional services.

2. Instructions to Prospective Contractors
Email your proposal response to:
Christina Seibert
In order to be considered, your proposal must be no more than 5 single-sided pages in total.

Contact Information


Christina Seibert




586 469-5220