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It Was All Worth It!

Tywone, Macomb St Clair Michigan Works, Success Stories

It Was All Worth It

Clinton Township Career Center
Submitted by Michael Draheim 


Tywone had taken some classes towards enrolling in a nursing program but was only able to complete one semester when finances became an issue. From there she moved on to substitute teaching. She tells her story here…

Four years passed, then one day I began to retrack my thinking about nursing school. I decided to pursue the quickest way to become a nurse. My choice was practical nurse because I was tired of the struggle to meet some personal needs. I researched every source to find assistance for tuition. I learned of Michigan Works! where I met the wonderful Michael Draheim, Career Planner. Mr. Draheim asserted the procedure to establish the proper dynamics that would ultimately cover half of my tuition and fees.

I began attending Dorsey College in February 2021, however, was setback seven months due to coronavirus pneumonia before accomplishing the practical nurse program on November 11, 2022. There were nights of a few hours of sleep, times where my grades dropped, test scores straddling between average and fail. However, I continued. I tried. I did what I must. There was a goal to reach not only for myself and my family, but for Michigan Works! too. They gave me what I needed to get my foot in the door and expected me to complete the program. I had some fuel and ammunition!

I remember calling Mr. Draheim. He was great with words of encouragement during my time of doubt and frustration with the program. When I felt I was not going to make it, Mr. Draheim’s tender heart, concern, and strong basis of words compelled me to try harder. He said, it’s all worth it. I’m so glad I did! I passed the NCLEX (state licensing exam) and never in all my years of work history have I ever received so many offers of employment and requests for interviews.

I am employed with a nursing home and rehabilitation facility. I give my all in caring for the patients, allowing them to feel that their needs matter and making a difference in others’ lives. It was all worth it!

In conclusion, I was overwhelmed with emotion when my nursing hat was placed upon my head, eyes filled with tears, shaky voice, and the feeling of accomplishment in knowing it’s my time to shine!