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Clean Slate Success

Clean Slate Success

Mt. Clemens Career Center 
Submitted by Evylon Hubbard

“I was born and raised in the city of Detroit. I was a ward of the state at birth. Both of my parents gave me and my twin brother up at birth to the foster care system. I graduated from Mumford High School in 2003 and immediately joined the Detroit Police Department at the age of 18. Five months into a six-month program, the administration laid off the police academy, EMS academy and the fire academy. During my layoff as a student police officer, I ran into trouble and was convicted of two felonies. I ended up serving six years with MDOC (Michigan Department of Corrections).

After spending time in prison and being rehabilitated as a valuable asset of society, I decided to obtain my commercial driver’s license. I did this through the Michigan Works! program called “No Worker Left Behind”. This program allowed me to get my CDL through All-Stars Trucking (2010). Over the next several years, I spent time creating my business, learning, and understanding the logistics industry. I was able to buy multiple trucks. Eventually, I decided to go off and get my own trucking authority. This has allowed me to employ multiple people consistently over the years.

Last month (April 2023) I got a call from my attorney through the Michigan Works! Clean Slate program advising me that my two felonies were expunged!”

Ronelle received No Worker Left Behind training funds in 2010 and applied for Clean Slate assistance in 2022. He wanted to share his story and has a goal of opening a truck driver training school geared towards parolees.