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5 Tips for Acing Virtual Interviews

Over the past 2 years, the Covid-19 pandemic made virtual interviews necessary. As a result of social distancing and working remotely, virtual interviews became the more popular way to conduct the hiring process. Virtual interviews are likely to stay post-pandemic as well as it is convenient for employers, ease scheduling conflicts, and can broaden the candidate pool. As virtual interviews are becoming the way of the future, here are tips you can follow to ace your next interview.

What are virtual interviews?

Virtual interviews are unique as they can take different forms. It includes interviewing over the phone, video chatting, or other communication platforms. Virtual interviews have become essential to recruiting during the pandemic. Virtual interview processes are typically conducted the same way as in-person interviews.

According to the Centers for Disease and Control, the practice of social distancing is recommended to stop the spread of COVID-19. Due to this, it is essential for employees and candidates to perfect the interview process. However, virtual interviews may pose other challenges for those unfamiliar with them.

How to Ace the Interview

If you are searching for a job, you are likely to have a virtual interview. If you are unfamiliar with virtual interviews or are looking for pointers, follow these tips to ensure your success

1.Check Your Technology

Virtual interviews require technology or different software. It is important to check what you need before your interview. For example, you will likely need a computer, camera, or phone. Before your interview, check your technology to make sure it works and is fully charged.

Also, leave time before your interview to check your internet connection. There are plenty of online resources to check your connection. Having a broken internet connection can break the flow of conversation. So, make sure your connection is secure and your interview will run smoothly.

Additionally, virtual interviews use online communication platforms. Before your interview, check to make sure they are installed. Popular platforms include Zoom, Google Meets, and Microsoft Teams. If you know what platform you are using, familiarize yourself with it ahead of time. For example, if you are using Zoom, know where the important buttons are on the platform such as the microphone button. You can even do a test call with friends or family. This helps check how you are seen on camera.

2.Set up your interview space

Another tip to ace your interview is setting up your space to eliminate distractions. This includes distractions you may face as well as your interviewer. So, double-check your space to ensure your success. Use your space and environment to your advantage to create a lasting impression.

Keep this in mind for choosing a location for your interview. Pick a room that is the quietest and most professional looking. For example, your interview space should have a clean background. A messy background can distract your interviewer. Your designated room should also be as quiet as possible. This ensures that you and your interviewer will not be distracted. If you don’t have a clean background, try out a simple virtual background. Avoid a virtual background in outer space or at the beach. Instead, opt for a virtual background in an office setting.

To further enhance your space, make sure you have good lighting. You want your interviewer to be able to see you clearly. Having a light source in front of you will let your interviewer see you the best. If your light source is behind you, it will make your screen darker, making it harder for interviewers to see you.

Additionally, before your interview starts, set up your camera. Before the meeting starts, you will be able to preview yourself. This will allow you to double-check the lighting and angle of your camera.

Lastly, if you live in a shared space, ensure others are aware of the interview. Respectfully notify others of the time and location to prevent interruptions. Pets can also be a distraction during interviews. Try having a designated area for pets so they are not distracting.

3.Dress for success

Even though you are likely to be behind a camera, it is still important to dress professionally. That does not mean just wearing a nice top and pajama bottoms, but dressing in the appropriate attire from head to toe. Doing so puts you in the interview mindset. Benefits of dressing to impress include a boost in confidence and productivity.

Additionally, consider how your attire will translate on a video chat. Avoid wearing bright colors, distracting patterns, or heavy jewelry. Try opting for neutral-toned clothing and simple accessories.

4.Prepare for your interview

Just because your interview is virtual does not mean you should rely on looking things up online during it. You want to appear focused, to avoid clicking around during your interview.

Prepare for a virtual interview like you would an in-person one. For example, research the company ahead of time and have a copy of your resume. Also, become familiar with the job description and requirements. Also, practice common interview questions and rehearse them before your interview.

If needed have post-it notes or a few notecards with key points. However, do not rely on them too much and use them to remind you of key points you have practiced.

5.Use additional resources

If you are looking for additional virtual interview help, Macomb/St. Clair – Michigan Works! has services that will work for you. If you are looking to enhance your interview skills, check out online workshops. These include tutorials on resume design, social media, and interviewing and communication.

Get started today so you can ace your next virtual interview.