Navigating the Career Search After Graduation

If you have recently graduated, you may be feeling the pressure to get a career after graduation. There is no magic formula for finding a career, however, there are plenty of tips and tricks to help you stay organized and diligent during your job search. Below are career searching tips to help you land your dream career after graduation.

Steps to Finding a Career After Graduation

Perfect Your Resume

After you graduate, it is important to update or create your resume. A resume is a document job seekers create to itemize qualifications for a position. Most employers require a resume in order to be considered for their hiring process. It is also often the first impression hiring managers see when hiring for a new role. If you are serious about landing a professional career after graduation, it is important your resume looks the part. According to Indeed, a few basic tips for creating a resume exist. These tips include professional contact, resume summary, keywords, and emphasizing interests. The layout and design are also important as it visually impacts the viewer. 

A helpful tip is to create a version of your resume to be easily edited. As you apply, customize your resume to each position you are applying to. This shows employers that you will have what they are looking for! Many employers use systems to track keywords. So, use keywords in your application in the job posting. Once your resume is updated, the process of applying for jobs will be easier to approach.

Set Career Goals

By the time you graduate, you should have some ideas of what you want your career to be. However, it is normal to still question exactly what you want to do after graduation. Setting career goals decide where you want to head in your career, and the steps needed to reach those goals. Take this opportunity of being freshly graduated to think about and write down professional goals. What would be your perfect career, and how to achieve it? What would you like to be doing in 5 to 10 years? Creating career goals helps you better align yourself with your future career. When creating your goals, determine your top skills and what you enjoy doing.

There are some helpful tips you can use when creating career goals. For example, write down your goals. This helps you remember and lead you to achieve your steps. Posting them somewhere you see them every day can also be motivational. Additionally, set realistic, but achievable deadlines. Lastly, remember to reward yourself! Applying for jobs and beginning your career search after graduation is hard work. Think of rewards you can give yourself when you reach a goal. This helps to avoid burnout and keeps you motivated. 

Next, research potential jobs and prospective employers. Identifying your goals and researching companies help see what potential career aligns with your goals. This helps you determine what careers and companies you should be applying for.

Research The Job Market

Are you looking to learn more about your future career? Research different paths you can take with your prospective career. This is another helpful tip to begin narrowing down your career search after graduation. Looking for a career can be overwhelming, but understanding the job market helps you understand how to begin applying. While you research you will learn what roles are suitable for you and what industries or companies you should be aiming for.

Learn what types of careers are in the field, what a typical day looks like, and what requirements you need. Also, search for salary information and the future outlook for the job field. This is also a great opportunity to research the companies and industries you are interested in looking for. Having a better understanding of the expectations can increase your chance of getting hired. Take notes of the common skills and experiences. Once you are familiar, you can tailor your resume accordingly and you will be better prepared to communicate with potential employers.

Looking For More Tips?

If you are looking to get started with your career search, contact your local Michigan Works! Career Center today. June is Youth Employment Month, click here to read more tips!